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Natural Body Shape

As the name speaks for itself, Bleu 3-in-1 condoms are made with the best feature of the all the available condom variations. Bleu 3-in-1 condoms have extra stimulating raised dots , in variation with ribbed lines in a very unique natural body shaping latex. But the best part still remains is the feature of giving out all the pleasure without any harsh chemicals. Pure Non Toxic Love….in care for both the partners.

Bleu 3-in-1 condoms gives you the sensuousness needed at the time of love making without the worry about chemicals and after effects.

Apart from this we also make sure our condoms are Vegan friendly and are made from biodegradable latex. Just be sure to wrap your condom in a piece of paper and throw in the compost bin.

  • Lower levels of Proteins hence lesser chances of Rashes, Irritation and Itching.
  • Made with Natural Latex derived from a Forest Steward Accredited plantations.
  • Each Piece of Condom is electronically tested for safety and made in factory approved for FDA 510(k), CE & ISO13485
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