Ultra-thin Condoms (Pack of 8)

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Natural, Innate Feel

Bleü’s Ultra-thin organic condoms are exclusively designed to give you the best of both the worlds- The feeling of luxury coupled with the absolute uniqueness of a natural condom product!

After meticulous research and consideration, we had it exclusively fashioned out of non-toxic ingredients, with the goodness of intimate skin-friendly lubrication. Our niche products happen to be the most pleasurable, sensual and safest condoms available in the market today.

  • No Rashes, Irritation and Itching.
  • Made with Natural Rubber Latex free from any detected carcinogenic (cancer)agents.
  • 100% electronically tested for safety and made in factory approved for FDA 510(k), CE & ISO13485
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Ultra-thin Condoms (Pack of 8)

  1. Neha

    Came across this product while researching about chemical free condom – tried out of curiosity. Very innovative product without any difference in pleasure.

  2. Behealthiers

    BLEU Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms are thinner than standard Latex Condoms designed for a more natural feeling.

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